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This special issue contains more than 65 fail-safe recipes for our favorite soups and stews. You’ll find recipes from 21 different countries, including the Italian classics Tuscan Beef Stew and Pasta e Ceci, Asian recipes such as Miso Soup and Thai Green Curry with Shrimp, and dishes from around the United States, including Colorado Green Chili and Kentucky Burgoo.

Best of all, each recipe has been tested again and again (sometimes up to 100 times) by our test cooks until they arrive at the best, most foolproof version. We include buying tips for equipment and ingredients, and step by step photos and illustrations for key steps.

Featured recipes, and discoveries, include:

French Onion Soup: Cook the onions in a hot oven for 2 ½ hours, deglaze them on the stovetop, and toast the bread to ward off sogginess.

Shrimp Bisque: Simply sauté shrimp and their shells to a pulp, flambé the mixture in brandy, add cream, sherry and spices and strain for smooth results.

West African Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup: A little chicken broth cut with water is a subtle base and peanut butter lends the soup a richness and strong roasted nut flavor.

Italian Pasta and Bean Soup: Add the tomatoes and beans together so they absorb flavor from each other and finish with minced fresh anchovies and parsley.

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