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From Basic to Bucket List

The first book entirely on technique from America's Test Kitchen features 100 innovative techniques that will transform your cooking life, paired with more than 200 innovative recipes that put the techniques into real-world, home-kitchen applications. From making the most tender burger patties to grill-roasting an entire ham; from making pan sauces to dry-aging your own beef; and from griddling the fluffiest pancakes to tempering chocolate, making caramel, and baking French pastry, the test cooks of ATK show you the way.

The first section, "Essentials Every Home Cook Should Know," covers core techniques to improve anyone's cooking. Learn why it's crucial to season with salt properly before and during cooking for fabulous Roasted Bone-In Chicken Breasts and Crispy Salt and Pepper Shrimp. Cook any piece of salmon to silky, golden-crusted perfection through our high-low roasting technique. The second section, "Techniques You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without," includes techniques we developed from unexpected angles of discovery. Bake beautifully crusty, golden, bubbly-topped pizza in your home oven by using a skillet. Fry easy, restaurant-quality homemade French fries by starting the potatoes in room-temperature oil. The third section, "The Bucket List," gives you the know-how to make dreamed-about projects come true. Barbecue true Texas Beef Ribs in your standard kettle grill. Cure your own bacon or gravlax right in your refrigerator. Bake, assemble, and decorate a show stopping, sky-high layer cake for any special occasion.

Convention-Defying Wisdom and Food Science Unite:

    Tame the Flame of Flambé

  • • French-Style Pork Chops with Apples and Calvados
  • • Bananas Foster

    Make Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker

  • • No-Churn Birthday Cake Ice Cream
  • • No-Churn Key Lime Ice Cream

    Cure Your Own Meat and Fish

  • • Home-Cured Bacon
  • • Gravlax

Groundbreaking Techniques for Every Home Chef

The book is organized into three sections: “Essentials Every Home Cook Should Know,” “Techniques You Didn’t Know You Couldn’t Live Without,” and “The Bucket List.” The techniques can be learned in any order, so you can explore the methods that appeal most to you. As you progress through the methods, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the connections that form through cooking as you leverage your newfound knowledge in unexpected, yet useful, ways.


448 Pages
225 Recipes
Full-Color Photos Throughout
Item Number CF25

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