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A Provocative Collection of Game-Changing Recipes from America’s Test Kitchen

If you could only have 100 recipes at your disposal, what would they be? In 100 Recipes, the editors of America’s Test Kitchen present what they consider the recipes everyone should know how to make—these are the dishes that will give anyone the culinary chops they need to succeed in the kitchen.

Brimming with attitude and innovation, this captivating collection is organized into three sections—The Absolute Essentials, The Surprising Essentials, and The Global Essentials. The editors considered three factors—utility, inventiveness, and diversity—when whittling down the choices. An essay introduces and positions each dish, explaining why it matters, the challenges in making it, and how our test kitchen arrived at a bulletproof recipe.

From everyday basics like Quick Tomato Sauce, Maple-Glazed Pork Roast, and Chewy Brownies to innovative classics like Slow-Roasted Beef, Perfect Poached Chicken Breasts, and Cheese Soufflé to inspiring dishes like Thai-Style Chicken with Basil, Vietnamese Beef Pho, and Catalan-Style Beef Stew with Mushrooms, cooks at all skill levels will find accessible recipes in this collection. The recipe details include a timeline, which indicates how to combine steps for efficiency, which essential tools are needed to make the recipe, and substitutions and variations. Readers will also find helpful tips throughout highlighting specific techniques, such as a better way to make chicken stock, a better way to shape bread dough, and a better way to mince garlic.

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